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    Km. 7.5 Vía a Engabao. General Villamil Playas, Guayas.


    Karibao, whose name is attributed to the acronym "the Caribbean in Engabao", is located at Km 7.5 via Playas - Engabao, one hour away from Guayaquil, in a sector with great real estate and tourist projections.

    Inspired in the concept of resort towns located in cities such as Santorini, Vancouver and Barcelona, its design is based on simple elements that leave everyday life behind, to enjoy a resort-style quality of life and outdoor spaces.


    Karibao Resort Town will be an approximately 52 hectare self-sufficient macro-project, divided into two stages. The first stage will consist of an exclusive hotel, apartment buildings, housing developments, restaurants, the largest crystal clear lagoon in the country (developed by Crystal Lagoons®) and recreational areas such as: beach tennis courts, volleyball, soccer, tennis , mini golf and bike path.

    STAGE 1


    1. Arawá
    2. Urb. Karibao Playa
    3. Crystal Clear Lagoon
    4. Hotel
    5. Apart Hotel
    6. Apartment Building 2
    7. Flex Building
    8. Rowhouses
    9. Flex Building 2 - Restaurants
    10. Apartment Building 3
    11. Market

    Arawá is the first Karibao apartment building, developed on 17 levels. Arawá will have a spacious lobby, 4 state-of-the-art elevators and covered parking spaces for its elegant 2 to 3-bedroom apartments. Every apartment has a large terrace with views of the lagoon and / or the ocean. It has a clean delta-shaped design that lengthens in its central shape, ensuring greater privacy between departments. It will have services such as: drinking water, sewerage, electricity, internet telephone wiring, as well as paved and lighted streets and sidewalks.

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    Housing development Karibao Beach is a fascinating and unique project in the coast of Guayas, consisting of 78 plots distributed in groups. Everyone will enjoy the beach along with the best landscaped social areas, such as its Clubhouse, pool, and other amenities.



    Agosto, 2020: El edificio Arawá se encuentra en fase de acabados e ingenierías finales. Tiene un avance del 100% en estructura y albañilerías, además de 80% en acabados y 84% en ingenierías.

    El edificio comprende 17 pisos, más 1 nivel de parqueos subterráneos. Con un total de 98 departamentos y 146 parqueaderos.

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